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silver plated, 50 Silver Plated Soldered 10mm Closed Jump Rings Brass 10mm Outside 18 Gauge - 50 pc - 5836-5



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These silver plated brass jump rings are soldered closed, great for use as partners for lobster claw clasps or to securely connect two open jump rings or loops.10mm, 18g - 50 pcs. per package - #5836-510mm OD, 9mm IDJump ring sizes and gauge are approximate.More soldered jumprings available from this shop: http://www./shop/allearringsandsuppli/search?search_query=soldered+jumpringsMore silver and antique silver jumprings available from this shop: https://www./shop/allearringsandsuppli/search?search_query=silver+jump+ringsMore jumprings available in a choice of sizes, styles and finishes: http://www./shop/allearringsandsuppli/search?search_query=jumpringsFLAT RATE & FREE SHIPPING information here: https://www./shop/allearringsandsuppli/policyBack to my main shop page: allearringsandsuppli.SPECIAL ORDERS WELCOMED, closed jump rings

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