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idreamicanfly, 13mm 20g Solid 22K Gold Delicate Conch Piercing Hoop - Seamless hoop earring in 20 gauge solid 22K yellow gold



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This simple, classic hoop is made from solid 22K gold. Wear a single hoop for a delicate look in your conch piercing or a pair as simple, classic hoops through your lobe piercings. You're limited only by your own creativity - and piercings! Classy, yet exceedingly comfortable to wear, you can easily sleep in it every night. Just put it in, bend it into place, and forget it for weeks. And best of all, it won't catch in your hair.This 13mm internal diameter Seamless Hoop is 20 gauge and solid 22k yellow gold. Also available in a variety of sizes, gauges and metals in my shop: idreamicanfly. Not sure what size you need? Just ask!Please contact me for pricing if you'd like a size or gauge that you can't find in my shop.Colleen is wearing a 12mm 20g Seamless Hoop in her conch piercing and an 8mm 22g Seamless Hoop in her nose piercing. Emily is wearing a 13mm 18g Seamless Hoop in her conch piercing. The product photo shows a 9mm 20g Seamless Hoop.**********Here is some feedback from other customers that have purchased these hoops...I can't recommend these earrings highly enough! So easy to get in and out. They are much better than traditional sleepers. Thanks again!This is my 2nd purchase. I received one of the curls for my sister-in-law to be and she loves it. Doesn't sleep in her earrings and has left this one in. I am so glad that she loves it just as much as I do. Thanks idreamicanflyLove them - wear them all the time, Small but very strong!Simple and gorgeous, I keep them in my second piercing and sleep in them, they're so comfortable.**********Designs and photos are Copyright 2019 Jo Hollingsworth. All rights reserved., endless hoop

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