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tension, Pink Sapphire Gemstone Handmade Sterling Silver Ladies Solitaire Ring size 6.25



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Here is a truly hand-hammered Sterling silver ladies ring with a sharp look in a solitaire style that mimics a tension setting, my design #343 of my online catalog featuring a natural Sapphire with a lovely pink color. Two channels hold the gem in place with the basket hidden behind the stone.\r\rThis natural beauty is a light medium pink and has bright pink flashes of fire. It is VS clarity, slightly included has a very good cut and polish plus has had no known treatments. It weighs .30 carat and is a 4mm hand faceted round. \r\rThis ring size is a 6\u00bc in the USA, inside diameter of 0.658 inches or 16.71mm, the inside circumference is 2.07 inches or 52.5mm, in the United Kingdom, Ireland Australia and New Zealand it is a size M, in India, China and Japan it is a size 12, and in Switzerland it is a size 13.4. \r\rRe-sizing one of my rings can often be done quite easily by hammering and re-polishing when only increasing by a size or so and I will not charge you for it, however, there are various levels of complications due to several factors in re-sizing to smaller sizes or increasing by more than a size or so. Simple prongs can be opened and the stones removed from harms way then be re-set after the soldering is complete. Often I prefer to be paid a small amount for this type of re-size as it is a bit time consuming. Some gold rings can be soldered with the stones left in place, depending on the variety of stone. In a silver ring, high heat is required to decrease the size or increase it considerably and if stones are set with a bezel, a channel, beads, or flush set (anything other than simple prongs) then the silver must be cut or otherwise worked hard in order to remove them, putting the stones at risk and becoming a repair job before its all over, in which case I would likely prefer to make you a new one. By the way, I do not charge extra for a custom order, prices are very similar to what you see in the shop here.\r\rI started this project by melting down fine silver and pure copper to create an ingot of 92.5% alloy of silver. The remaining 7.5% is only copper, no base metal was used for the alloy, less chance for any allergic reaction. The hammering began soon afterwords. This piece is completely hand made, hand crafted, and hand fabricated. It is not a casting, has no plating, no glue and no factory made parts. This style of workmanship is all but lost in today's high tech world due to the high skill level required and the lengthy amount of time it consumes. This old school method that I studied in Thailand is known to be the finest technique in jewelry production and adds greatly to the value and the durability of the jewelry. We stamped the inside 925 as it is Sterling Silver and also hallmarked it LEE, my makers stamp and my personal guarantee of quality. \r\rI am happy to make you a custom piece of jewelry with Sterling silver or 18K yellow gold. Feel free to select any stones from my stores or send me yours to have me create your own LEE. Select your own style by browsing my online selection catalog with over 300 of my designs that I will send you the link to when you email me. You also can email me an item number of a piece you see, a picture or I can even work from a picture of a sketch you send me, however, I do not like to draw or use CAD. My email for custom orders and information is gemtownusa at gmail dot com. The queue is usually 30-60 days and I accept 50% as a down payment. Contact me for a fast quote. I can create a listing right here for the down payment on your personal item then another listing when it is ready for shipping so you can still enjoy the comfort of being on here while having a custom piece of jewelry truly handmade.\r\rPerhaps I have already made a piece that is just right for you. Please browse my entire selection of over a thousand items for your pleasure.\r\rA couple of quick tips on caring for your silver jewelry: Whenever you remove the jewelry for sleep or work, wipe it with a polishing cloth. When storing your silver be sure to remove all finger prints from the metal by wiping it with a cloth such as a silver polishing cloth then slip it into a sealed container such as a small zip lock plastic bag.\r\rNo stock photos!! The pictures are of the exact piece of jewelry being sold here and I have attempted to give you a complete view with multiple shots. They are taken with high magnification and show details similar to viewing with a 10X loupe. The jewelry will look even more flawless once in hand.\r\rI would like to thank you for looking at my online stores. This is not an auction, here you have no waiting for an item to end and no bidding. You may simply buy the item immediately and I will ship it right out. \r\rCustomer service is the main thing I am selling here. It is of the utmost importance to me that you enjoy your shopping experience with us. Please let me know whenever I can help you with anything., setting

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