Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Moonlit. Sterling silverrainbow moonstone, rainbow moonstone and smokey quartz necklace



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This jaw-droppingly fabulous necklace is one of my most coveted pieces! \r\rThis one-of-a-kind darling is sure to attract compliments! \r\rFabulous, quality, classic. This beauty is composed of a-grade rainbow moonstone, a- grade smokey quartz, and flawless sterling silver. The smokey quartz and moonstone are carefully arrainged into 8 sections of 7 (a very lucky number), separated by 7 sparkling, sterling silver spacers and their precious dangles. Unfortunately, i could not capture this piece's true beauty in my pictures... sigh... \r\rThis is one of those pieces that just feels good, and looks amazing!\r\rthanks for looking!, necklace

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