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\u25d8 A M A R I \u25d8 [eternal]A warrior's spirit develops through each battle he or she faces, always evolving and finely tuning that piece of himself that will be left behind - his footprint in the sands of eternity. Amari is a braided leather bracelet with a timeless design, carefully hand constructed and built to last. His and Hers. The D E T A I L S...\u2022 Hand cut from lux deerskin leather makes this bracelet very comfy to wear.\u2022 Eight hand cut strands are braided by hand to form a band, available in two different widths: 5/8" for a slimmer look and 3/4" for something a little more beefy.\u2022 Hand cut, skived, and machine sewn end cap construction for durability and longevity. The process van be viewed here:\u2022 Slip-Knot closure using 2 mm genuine round leather cord makes this bracelet easy to put on, adjustable and versatile - can be worn as an armband too.\u2022 Available in FOUR sizes or perfect fit:Size 1 fits wrists/arms that measure 5.75" - 6.75".Size 2 fits wrists/arms that measure 6.75" - 7.75".Size 3 fits wrists/arms that measure 7.75" - 8.75".Size 4 fits wrists/arms that measure 8.75" - 9.75\u2022 Available colors: Black, Chocolate, Mahogany, Mayonnaise, Mahogany & Chocolate, Black & Mahogany, Black & Chocolate, Black & Mayonnaise.\u2022 Artfully assembled ~ Beautifully crafted ~ Heirloom QualityL U X Leather...Deerskin is very high quality and versatile leather. It can go from being wet to dry over and over again and it still will conform back to it's original condition. It is a very soft and supple leather yet deerskin's leather fibers make it abrasion resistant and give it high shear strength. It is also extremely comfy to wear in any temperature; it becomes cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather. Definitely a luxurious and fun leather to design with, craft with, and wear!!A M A R I double wrap... https://www./listing/504054048/amari-leather-wrap-bracelet-braidedS E T of F I V E bracelets...https://www./listing/583303114/lisas-fave-leather-bracelets-mens-womensOn the M O D E L S... \u2022 KAMA Braided Leather Ring:https://www./listing/256649117/kama-leather-ring-braided-leather-ring\u2022 CHUMA:https://www./listing/474853001/chuma-leather-bracelet-womens-mensYUKI Leather Bracelet:https://www./listing/182211799/yuki-leather-bracelet-braided-leather\u2022 NAJA Shell Bracelet: https://www./listing/182206358/naja-conch-shell-glass-beaded-leather\u2022 Baby KIMANI Earrings:https://www./listing/532235691/baby-kimani-leather-earrings-tassel \u2022 KYRA Booty Shorts:https://www./listing/200816196/kyra-deerskin-bootiestribal-bikini\u2022 DARICE Bikini Top: https://www./listing/170285772/luxury-lambsuede-made-to-fit-bikini-top\u2022 ANDE:https://www./listing/128263258/ande-leather-tile-braceletmodern-square\u2022 TYRESE Leather Bracelet:https://www./listing/182171027/tyrese-mens-womens-leather-braceletPlease N O T E...All my leather art pieces are made by hand and to order in my New Hampshire shop located on Route 108 in Somersworth.Your leather art piece will be made to order, especially for you, and as you have requested.Your finished leather art piece will be just like, if not better than, the photographs in this listing - you will not be receiving the item in the photographs unless otherwise specified in the listing description and or listing title.I do update each of my listing's photographs periodically, however, to view photographs of my most recent creations/orders, I invite you to visit my instagram feed: patterns, products, and designs are ORIGINAL. I strive for excellence in every thing I make and do.To learn more about me and my leather art and designs, I invite you to visit my website: https://lisacantalupo.comPlease join my mailing list and enjoy a special savings too when you sign up at:, anniversary gift

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