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starbucks lover, Miniature Coffee Cup Saucer Necklace - Hot Chocolate - Blue Teacup - Personalized Gift - Tiny Gold Spoon - Gift for Her - Barista Gift



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Are you a coffee freak? Or constantly looking for that perfect hot chocolate? This is the cutest blue ceramic mug, saucer, and spoon pendant. On the chain are engraved coin charms that spell "G (heart) L". You may wish to engrave any personalized name, initial, or, logo. \u2665 This necklace wears long because the curios are large (measurement: cup is 20mm diameter/thick , 15mm tall. The spoon to cup is total in 30mm tall). This chain is made of 16K gold plated-brass, 28".\u2665 How to order in variations:1) Provide measurements for the chain length(s).2) Pick as many coins of gold, for personalized initial(s) as you desire... Each individual coin(s) will be charged at different cost(s), according to its(their) workable design.3) Write in the variation to enter for add your personalization and message box: Uppercase or Lowercase. All coins will be filled with black engraving pigment.4) Complete the checkout.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Trademark & Copyright law with papers signed by United States & International. 2009-2019\u2122., barista gift

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