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Keshi Pearl Earringsblue and white, June Birthstone Earringsblue and white, Pearl Cluster Earringsblue and white, Pearl and Lapis Earringsblue and white, Everyday Eleganceblue and white, Inger



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Keshi Pearl Earrings, Lapis Earring Pearl Clusters, June Birthstone Earrings I made these natural Keshi Pearl earrings with center drilled cup shaped pearls and petite round natural Lapis beads. I put them on 925 Sterling Silver pins and clustered them to sway on feminine sterling silver chain. They're long earrings, but not extreme. Their movement bounces light up around your face in a way that makes your skin look radiant. These Natural Keshi pearls have an amazing luster, and the richness of the Afghan Lapis sets them off perfectly. These measure about 47 mm long (a bit over 1 3/4) from top to bottom., freshwater pearls

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