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This listing is for original Kaleidoscope Kitty Littles EarringsSmoky QuartzSterling Silver1 "Earrings, and multiple necklaces are available upon request for weddings and more.About Kaleidoscope Kitty's "littles"I love the fissures, the inclusions, the flaws of all stones. I think that's what makes them beautiful and unique. I hand select each one of my gems for my "littles" collection, picking each to pair with my feeling and intention at the time of creation. Whether you believe in metaphysical properties of stones or not, these little gems have been made with the best care, and love you can find, and I believe it shows. They are special. I source with stone cutters, and vendors from across the globe to bring you my favorite good luck charm, my Littles.A \u201cLittle\u201d is a single stone necklace/earring. Basic, simple, but with so much more. My clients often wear them as a memorial, a reminder, a talisman. I am often told they are a favorite necklace and result in a bit of a collection of sorts. I personally wear a \u201clittle\u201d every day to remind me of the Original Kaleidoscope Kitty, my Girl. She passed away in 2017, and was present at all of my jewelry creations. We created a Amazonite \u201clittle\u201d, and it has been my rock ever since. Every time I get sad or share a story, I find myself holding my necklace. I find comfort in having a reminder of my sweet Girl. For more on how I select my stones and my littles line, please see my blog here: jewelry is made by me in my studio in Minneapolis using only the finest supplies crafted in the late hours of the night after the workday is over. My passion for jewelry started at the tender age of 10, and it is because of my customers, I get the opportunity to share beauty with the world., dangle

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