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lady of the lake, Dawn lady Aurora brooch / pin Art nouveau style silver plated



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Art nouveau style silver plated lady aurora Dawn brooch pinA new yet vintage brooch / pin taken from an original stamp created in France over 100 years ago.How can this brooch be vintage and new at the same time?It has 3 levels of history attached to itThe metal stamp was originally created in the Marais district in Paris where the jewellery making skills were lost in the battlefields of WW1 at Verdun.Then in 1980s the original stamps were re discovered and that is when this brooch was made.The stock has been carefully preserved from the 1980s brand new and never worn A perfect combination of history and 'newness' The brooch is made from stamped brass from France and silver plated in UKA little piece of history brought up to date with a lady's head and shoulders gazing dreamily into the sun rise.The pin at the back stretches across the back of the brooch and has a roll safety clasp Measurement 3.3 cm/ 1.25" long and 2.5 cm /1" wide, aurora brooch

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