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blue, Hand-sewn Patchwork w/Flower Applique Writer's Satchel



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This pretty little bag could be used to carry your binders, writing implements, extra papers, and pretty much anything else you keep with you daily. It is completely hand-sewn and all seams are double-stitched for maximum durability. The flap can be kept open for convenience or closed with the simple XL button closure on the front. \r\rThe main purse measures:\r2"deep/thick (when full, though it will hold a bit more than that)\r12" tall\r11.5" wide\r43" strap, so it hangs about right at the average person's hip.\r\rI've spent about 14 hours total on this, from sewing together all of the patchwork to appliqu\u00e9ing the roses, sewing in the lining, creating the pocket and making the strap "just so," it would all be fun, functional and stylish :) Something creative and cosy-looking for your travel storage needs. I use bags like this for projects and books, and styled the pocket after my own favourite purse, which has a flip-back flap like this one with extra pockets. Some of the materials were purchased but the rose appliques are extra-special because I have had that fabric 'since I was about 8 years old and sewing my own shirts (or trying! lol). I hope it will become a special addition to your wardrobe and a much-loved helper during your travels <3, blue

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