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serpent, Jörmungandr Style Bronze Thor's Hammer Pendant with Garnet



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This Thor's Hammer pendant symbolizes the battle between Thor and his enemy J\u00f6rmungandr. In Norse mythology J\u00f6rmungandr is a serpent that encircles the world, destined to face the Thunder God at Ragnarok.This is an original design created by Kevin. It was cast in bronze and set with a garnet cabochon stone.The pendant is 2 by 1 1/8 inches and comes strung on either a black or brown leather cord. It is an adjustable length and will fit over a large man's head.This pendant is also available in silver with a garnet stone:https://www./listing/163798243/jormungandr-style-silver-thors-hammerWe have many variations available of this Thor's hammer in silver with different stones, and black as well as brown leather cords. Check our shop for availability of the style you are looking for, or send us a message to request a custom order. We will insure jewelry during shipping, asatru

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