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A beautiful flower to wear on your scarf, cloche, beret OR on a blazer lapel/coat collar. These felted flower brooches contain many steps - from first knitting the wool yarn into 'fabric', washing the fabric to felt it, cutting out the petals and leaves, stitching them into a flower, sewing on a pin back, and then washing them once more, to felt them even further. You can see them 'bloom' in photo number 3, and see how they look as a 'garden grouping' on my scarf in photo 4. My Mom knitted the 'fabric' for the flowers, felted it, and then cut the petals and leaves into shape. She did an initial stitching, and I completed the stitching, sewed on the pin back, and felted the flowers once more. Time intensive work with absolutely beautiful results!Enjoy one (or more) today :) Thanks to HandaMade for featuring this brooch in her treasury! http://www./treasury_list_west.php?room_id=87997For a look into my work and life take a peek here, I would love to see you!:my blog: my website: PRICE $28, accessories

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