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SPIDER_GRANDMOTHER: Fire Bringer - Unique OOAK art necklace - Black Widow Spiderblack widow spider, Fiery Romance - signed and dated - handmade wearable art



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Many creatures tried to bring back fire. The self-important birds and animals tried first, of course. They returned hairless, featherless, and burnt by the experience. At last the Council of Peoples allowed diminutive Spider Grandmother to try. \r\rBeing clever, she fashioned a pot of clay, and spun a net to hold it on her back. Spinning a long long thread, she journeyed to the East, stole fire, and placed a bit of it securely in her pot, before running back along her thread on tippy-toes.\r\rOnce safely home with the fire, she offered it to various peoples. However, the animals and birds were burnt and wary. She offered it to humans, who were glad of it, and handled it carefully. Besides fire, she gave them pottery and weaving. They honored her by depicting her with four legs up and four legs down, with the precious red fire on her back.\r\rSpider Grandmother was said to keep her home in Spider Rock, a towering redrock spire in Canyon de Chelly, AZ\r\rSpider Grandmother is an important figure in many Native American creation myths, but perhaps her greatest role was stealing fire and giving it to mankind.\r\r\rI like this tale because it shows that cleverness can succeed where size and strength can not.\r\r\rFiery swirling mixture of heavy-bodied paints fill a heart-shaped copper-plated tray. A black spider sticker runs across the top. I put a glowing red gem on her back. 2-part jeweler's grade epoxy resin.\r\rThis can also be read as a Black Widow Spider: edgy and dangerous, or a smoking hot new romance with sparks flying. In any case, an interesting gift for Valentine's Day.\r\r\r18" bright red organza ribbon with lobster clasp and 2" extender.\r\rImage size: 1" heart\rOverall size: 1 1/8" x 1 1/4" (inc. bail)\r\r\r\r\r\rNotes:\r\rEach miniature work of art is signed and dated on the back.\r\rThe necklace comes inside a complimentary silver foil-embossed gift box. Included is my card with the name and date of the piece and any special characteristics.\r\rI hang the pendants from a variety of 24" chains (ROLO, petite ROLO, , vintage, dot&dash), 20" snake chain, and 18" organza ribbons, choosing what I think looks best. Not just color, but variances in the finish, and bail size are considerations. I also have a few longer (30 and 36") chains. Each of us is unique, and I'll cheerfully substitute an alternative necklace if needed and if possible. I want the recipient to be pleased. Convo me. \r\rThe OOAK display shows a wide range of subjects, styles, and embellishments (tiny lace doilies, tattoos, stickers, vintage cabochons, brass findings, glitter), and lots of swirly, bubbly, sparkly, shimmery paint. Each pendant is truly a unique work of art.\r\r*****\r\rThe photos were taken indoors against soft tan sueded fabric, where the yellow cast from interior lighting, reflections, and the glare from flash presented difficulties. [ Photo IDs: , OOAK display] \r\rThe detail images are shown larger than the original.\r\rBetter photos coming soon!\r\r*****\r\rI ship Priority Mail during normal business days, because it is safer and faster; however, rush or overnight delivery is not possible at this time. If you are overseas, please send a message with your address prior to purchase, and we can discuss international shipping costs and preferred method. \r\rJewelry is mailed in a Flat Rate Priority box. Several pieces will fit in even the smallest of these boxes, so there is no extra charge.\r\rI pack carefully, with rolled tissue and such (reusing padding materials helps save the environment).\r\r\r\rOriginal art\rCopyright year: \u00a9 2014 Carolly Hauksdottir \r\rConvo me with questions!, wearable art

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