Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rhinestone, Family Wearlooms: "Uncle Theodore" Pendant Spoon & Antique Photo pendant necklace



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"Family Wearlooms: Uncle Theodore" This elegant OOAK necklace will surely compliment any outfit and is a real conversation piece. Made from and antique silver plate spoon, antique photo, vintage pearls, rhinestones,repurposed vintage earrings and a vintage rosary conector, it is truly a piece of history and OOAK art. This charming necklace will never be reproduced and each piece is individually made.\r\rEvery item made by Monkey Shynes is one of a kind and will never be repeated. Each piece is yours and yours alone. Most of the items used to make the jewelry are salvaged, vintage or from a limited lot, all findings are brand new. Please remember since some of the pieces are very old there may be imperfections, but that is what makes it charming! \r\rAll orders over $100 will receive FREE SHIPPING!! Use promo code 100FREE, vintage earrings

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