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Coupon Organizer Holder is also perfect to use with the Dave Ramsey Cash Budget System!Who said clipping coupons couldn't be fashionable!You don't need to be an Extreme Couponer to keep those coupons in order.If you are like me, you may have an envelope in your purse with some grocery coupons, store coupons, store credits, etc. This is perfect for keeping them all in one place and easy to access.Keep everything neat and organized with this fabulous Coupon Purse.Created with designer fabric it is soft-sided and has a layer of stabilizer to give it firmness.The Coupon Purse is the perfect size to keep your coupons in order. It's 8 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches tall and can hold a thickness of about 1 1/2". It's also a terrific help to organize and maintain a Cash Envelope system. This fun purse is so handy to have in your handbag all the time. No need to worry about getting to the grocery store and having forgot those coupons at home. It's also so helpful to keep track of receipts and those small pieces of paper that seem to get lost in your purse.This Coupon organizer comes with your choice of either:15 blank tabs and a pre-printed list of labels to easily customize for your use.OR7 Cash Envelopes in assorted colors. Perfect for setting up a Cash Envelope SystemIMPORTANT!!!Please let me know during checkout if you would like the 15 blank dividers or the 7 cash envelopes with your order. :)Looking for additional DIVIDERS? Check them out here:https://www./listing/160103493/extra-coupon-organizer-dividers-15-card?ref=shop_home_activeLooking for additional ENVELOPES? Check them out here:https://www./listing/180880319/extra-cash-envelopes-7-envelope-set?ref=shop_home_active_1Jimmypickles\u00a9 Copyright. All Rights Reserved, cottage floral

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