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Purple Velveteen Drawstring Bagjewelry pouch, Velvet Coin Pouchjewelry pouch, Purple Gift Bagjewelry pouch, Crystal Pouchjewelry pouch, Dice Bagjewelry pouch, 2 x 2.5" and 3 x 4" availablejewelry pouch, BULK TOO!



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Purple Velveteen Bag, Gift PouchesVelvet Pouch, Gift Bag, Crystal Pouch, Drawstring Bag2 x 2.5 inch and 3 x 4 inch sizes availableEnjoy~ See our loose gemstones and crystals here: our best-selling Aqua Aura pieces here!https://www./shop/BetterWorldRocks/search?search_query=aqua+aura&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_searchSee our 4mm bead strands here:https://www./shop/BetterWorldRocks?section_id=15454491&ref=shopsection_leftnav_5Happy Looking :)\u2665\u00b4\u00a8)\u00b8.\u00b7\u00b4\u00b8.\u00b7*\u00b4\u00a8) \u00b8.\u00b7*\u00b4\u00a8)(\u00b8.\u00b7\u00b4 (\u00b8.\u00b7\u00b4\u2665Thank you for looking!, small purple bag

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