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Argentium Sterling Silver Spiral Earringsdangle, "Celestial"dangle, Made to Order



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I love these simple bet versatile earrings. They are the perfect "everyday" earring.\r\rYou may have noticed I LOVE SPIRALS!!!!! I use a lot of spirals in my work. They are beautiful, but that's only one reason why I love them so much. Spirals have been used in art almost since the beginning of time. Spirals are symbolic of many things, such as the sun and the life cycle, but my favorite thing is the use of spirals to symbolize eternity.\r\rWith quality craftsmanship and materials you can be confident that the piece you purchase will be a joy to wear for years to come.\r\r* This piece is 100% hand made by me in my home studio\r\r* Every piece is one of a kind and most are MADE to ORDER. \r\rThe item you order will be one of my own designs, but will most likely not be the exact pictured as no two hand-formed pieces are. If you would like I will send a picture of the piece for your approval before it is mailed. Because this is a custom item, please allow time for production.\r\rI\u2019m really very thankful for your interest.\rAnna Keene, women

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