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(((MADE TO ORDER - please allow about 5 business days before shipping)))(The additional photos are examples only. Expect slight color variances due to lighting and monitor differences, contact me if you have any questions) WHAT IS SO UNIQUE ABOUT THIS BAG:First of all, this bag features a fully adjustable strap. Not only can you choose the strap placement (side or center) but you can also tighten the strap EXACTLY how you want it. No more wishing there was just one more snap or one more hole (think about your belt). Next, there is the flexible plastic liner which slips in and out of the fabric case. Simply insert a plastic bag and tuck the excess in between the two layers to keep it concealed. No more ugly bag! Finally, there are tons of fabric choices to personalize your automobile \u2013 what could be better?WHAT IS THIS DESIGNED FOR:This bag is designed to hang over your stick shift, across the back of your headrest, or wherever you can think of! If you don't have a place to hang it, consider using an adhesive hook to hang it. (please not dimensions below) This bag is NOT designed to hold drive-thru trash, water bottles (recycle those!), cans (recycle those too!), etc. This bag IS designed for all that small trash that tends to clutter up your cup holders and such. THE STRAP SYSTEM:The strap measures approximately 25\u201d long and can be attached in one of two ways: on the side for hanging from a stick shift or in the center for hanging across a headrest. The strap attaches with a heavy-duty snap. Once snapped in place, simply wrap the other end of the strap around the shift/headrest, thread through the buckle and tighten as needed. Tuck the excess strap inbetween the inner liner and the outer fabric case. If you ever need to remove the bag you can do so without unthreading the strap, simply unsnap the bag and the strap will remain installed. ANATOMY OF THE BAG:Measures 8\u201d wide and 12\u201d tall. There is an inner liner and an outer case. The outer case is made of the decorative fabric which is lined with black canvas for stability. The inner liner is made of black post-consumer recycled plastic and is specially designed to stay open for ease of use while driving. This plastic liner is not 100% leak-proof so be sure to use plastic baggies for added protection. All you do is insert a plastic bag and then tuck the excess in between the two layers along the top edge so that there is no ugly bag hanging over the side (like a garbage can).WHAT KIND OF PLASTIC BAG DO I USE? I include one roll of plastic baggies (15 bags per roll). You can purchase similar rolls from most pet stores (brands recommended are Five Star Pets and Doggie Walk). These baggie rolls are handy to keep in your glove compartment or store at the bottom of your Auto Trash Bag (they measure about the size of a film canister). -ALSO- You can use produce bags or even a standard grocery bag if that\u2019s what you have on hand (cutting the handles off makes it easier to tuck in).CARE INSTRUCTIONS:Hand or Machine Wash. Remove strap and liner before washing. Air Dry or Machine Dry, light ironing may be necessary. For best results, wash/dry on it's own or with a light load to avoid getting crushed.Please be cautious when using these products while driving. These products were designed to help keep our automobiles organized, stylish and convenient, but The Mod Mobile is not responsible for any accidents that may be caused while using these products. Please be sure to keep your eyes on the road at all times!, trellis

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