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Deep Scribe Pen and Pencil CaseAlso works great to store crochet hooks, knitting notions, makeup and brushes and so many other things I haven\u2019t thought of yet!Cotton exterior Fully lined with black nylon taffeta, which has a smooth surface, allowing things to slide in and out easily.Stain and water resistant.Zipper closureWidth8.25\u201d20.995 centimetersDepth3.50"8.89 centimetersZipper opening7.25\u201d18.415 centimetersVisit to view other fabric options, other products and custom work.My bags are made to last! My background has long been in the world of outdoor gear, so I use top quality nylon webbing, linings, zippers and hardware. I take pride in my high quality standards. I use large seam allowances and copious amounts of reinforcements on stress points. Customer service and high quality work are the life blood of my business, Zo\u00eb Designs Ltd. I have over 27 years professional experience and have been in business, as Zoe Designs, since 1995., pen and pencil case

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