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NEW REDUCED PRICE! :)(((MADE TO ORDER - please allow about one week before shipping)))Can't find the matching pattern? No problem, I'll make one for you! This custom match Auto Sneeze Box can be paired with any auto accessory currently in the shop, just add this to your cart along with your other accessories and I will automatically make the matching set for you -OR- to order this on its own, just add this to your cart and leave a message about your fabric choice (pick any pattern/color combo from current inventory)(((MADE TO ORDER - please allow about one week before shipping)))Yes, I can make this in any pattern & color you see in my shop!!! All my fabric patterns are printed in-house using a durable and permanent heat bonding method. The ink infuses into the fibers and does not lay on top of the fabric like other heat transfer methods. The finished product is washable and will not scratch off.(Expect slight color variances due to lighting and monitor differences, contact me if you have any questions) WHAT IS THIS DESIGNED FOR:The Auto Sneeze Box is designed to hold square boxed tissues, any standard size will work (approx. 5" tall x 4.5" wide on each side). It is designed to hang from the headrest, although there are other places to hang it if desired. Velcro strap on the bottom holds the box in, loading and unloading boxes is quick and easy! THE STRAP SYSTEM:The strap measures approximately 15\u201d long (need it longer, just contact me) and threads through the buckle to make it adjustable. If you need to remove the Sneeze Box, quickly unsnap it without having to unthread or rethread the entire buckle. If needed, the excess strap can be tucked out of sight underneath between the box and the fabric layer. CARE INSTRUCTIONS:Hand or Machine Wash. Remove buckle piece before washing. Air Dry or Machine Dry - dries quickly so don't over-dry, light ironing may be necessary. For best results, wash/dry on it's own or with a light load to avoid getting crushed.Please be cautious when using these products while driving. These products were designed to help keep our automobiles organized, stylish and convenient, but The Mod Mobile is not responsible for any accidents that may be caused while using these products. Please be sure to keep your eyes on the road at all times!, tissue box cover

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