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gold jump ring, Nu Gold (Jeweler's Brass) Jump Ring 7/64 inch (small) package of 12 Lot 4



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These are good quality Nu Gold (also known as Jewelers Brass) jump rings. Lot 4. They are 7/64 in diameter and come 12 to a package. Nu Gold is a copper based, nickel free alloy that mimics the look of gold. It contains 85 percent copper and 15 percent zinc. It may often be referred to as Merlin's Gold. It is the perfect jewelry metal for those allergic to nickel. It has a unique mellow cast and tarnishes very slowly if at all. This can be soldered.We have done our best to photograph the item to render an accurate picture. but please be aware that there may be slight color variations due to different computers and monitors.We calculate shipping on actual weight, if you are accidently overcharged for shipping, please note that we automatically refund any over payment that exceeds one dollar., rings

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