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Blackened brass pendant, bearing ancient Baltic symbols of evening (and morning!) star and "the tree of dawn" - the mythological axis mundi - world tree. >>> Two trees: one for night, another for day.>>> One above, another beneath.>>> One kissed by sun, another washed by dew.>>> Both blooming, like the brightest star in between. Stylish and minimalistic - this pendant will suite any gender and almost any clothing style.---Height: 4 cm (~1.6")Width: 2.1 cm (~0.8")Thickness: ~ 1 mm (~0,03")Adjustable waxed cotton cord, max length - 70 cm (27"). Cord comes in two colors - black or light brown.---Please note that the item you receive most probably will differ very slightly from the pictures. I make these pendants in small series and some color and / or finishing differences occur, due to natural variation in hand crafting process. Please be considerate. If you are really concerned, please request a photo of the exact item, and I will gladly send you some.---Pendant will be shipped in a cardboard box - as shown in the last photo - suitable for gift giving., evening star

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