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You'll hear the gentle jingle of these light-as-a-breeze hand made bangles as you move through your day. In a variety of shapes and finishes, you can order the kind you like: lots of bends, or few? Hammered flat, ball peen hammered, or cross peen hammered? \r\rTHE PRICE FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL BANGLE IS $18. You can request 3 for $50 as well. Simply contact me with the finish you'd like, and how many you want. Do you have a preference for lots of bends, or few? Do you have a particular size need? Just let me know, and I'll put up a post with photos of your special set. Click, and they're yours! Most requests can be filled within 24 hours.\r\rPhoto number 3 shows 3 bangles with a flat hammer finish, polished, with a few hammered faces for a bit of shine. Photo number 4 shows 2 bangles with a ball peen hammer finish, a traditional silver smithed look. These reflect a lot of light and are tough to photograph, but you'll get the idea. Photo number 5 shows a single bangle with a cross peen finish, looking like lines across the width of the bangle. \r\rShipping in the US is first class with insurance.\r\rShipping outside of the US (including Canada and Mexico) is first class, and cannot be guaranteed or insured. Please be aware that if you purchase from outside the US, I will make every effort to pack your item well, but cannot be held responsible for accidents that occur during shipping, and you are accepting full risk for the shipment of your item. (Just so you know, I have never had a complaint, so feel assured!)\r\r"Thank you for the VERY quick delivery of this wonderful bracelet--I put it on after opening the package and haven't taken it off since! Love it!"\r\r"The bracelet is beautiful! I really appreciate you making it custom for my size. It fits perfectly. Thank you so much!"\r\rMore feedback from my awesome customers here: https://www./people/silvervine/feedback?ref=owner_feedback_leftnav\r\rFor some more bangle styles, try\rSterling Silver Garden Bangles: https://www./listing/125838400/sterling-silver-garden-bangles?ref=shop_home_feat\rGalaxy Sterling Silver Bangle: https://www./listing/123502700/galaxy-sterling-silver-bangle-single?ref=shop_home_active\r\rComplement your bangle with a set of stacking rings! https://www./listing/36876687/3-stacking-rings?ref=shop_home_active\r\rWant to know more about me? Click here: https://www./people/silvervine?ref=si_pr#, silver

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