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knowledge, Brown Eyeball Evil EYE Bracelet Pendant Necklace Jewelry set



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You are bidding on an unusual set of brown eyeball jewelry. This is a one of a kind eyeball pendant and 7 1/2" bracelet. The eyeballs have a silver plated backing. Look at the quarter in the picture to see the size of the charms. They are about the size of a dime. These pieces are very whimsical and fun! Look at the picture closely to see the actual features of the charms. Matching pendant comes with an adjustible 24" black tie cord no clasp.These are fun, handmade, one of a kind pieces. You won't see these anywhere else!This would be a great gift or collectors item. Eyeballs represent knowledge of your inner soul. Great anytime of year, and perfect for Halloween!Check out my shop for other eyeball jewelry items.This would make a great gift for anyone who likes mystical magical jewelry., supplies

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