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cranberry pink, Boho Gypsy Bronze Cranberry Pink Pearl Long Dangle Hoop Earrings with Vintaj Antiqued Brass



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Cultured freshwater pearls in cranberry pink are wire-wrapped in Vintaj natural brass and hung on Vintaj natural brass earwires. Hand-formed hammered large hoops balance the delicate pearls and make a bold statement.These boho style earrings are sassy and fun. The hammered hoops and coiled wire add a little bit of steampunk while the pearls keep them girly. They dangle freely and are very lightweight. All metal components from Vintaj Natural Brass Company - lead and nickel free. Made from 85% copper and 15% zinc.Total length of earrings measures approximately 2 inches. Large hoops approximately 1.25" in diameter., cranberry pink

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