Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round, OOAK cane glass beaded demi parure earrings & necklace jewelry set multicolored re-purposed beads



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I was given a few broken necklaces and was told to 'do something with this mess"They were sad looking so I cleaned them up, dried them off and saw they were amazingly colored inside with crisp clear color outside.I found out they are called cane beads which are made from long strands of glass with air blown in center and then cut into small bead shapes. Some beads are triangular, some round, some square, some long and some short. Each bead varies a little which makes this necklace so versatile to wear with any color and it is elegant enough for evening and modern enough for a jeans and tee shirt. very versitile.Approx 24" long necklace and 1 3/4" long earrings, square

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