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Large Ruffled Brass Earrings With sterling Silver Ear Wireslarge hoop earrings, Nu Goldlarge hoop earrings, Bohemian Style



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Gleaming large brass and sterling silver bohemian or tribal style hoop earrings are beautifully rustic. Made from solid brass sheet, they have 18 gauge sterling silver ear wires brazed onto them. These are extensively textured with a ruffled and radiating line pattern, to finish they are oxidized for a subdued warm glow. For all their size these big mixed metal tribal inspired earrings are fairly lightweight at under 6 grams each. Statement jewelry to turn heads!1-7/8" (4.7cm) tall1-5/8" (4.1cm) wide.The ear wires have a coiled base serving as a spring--simply slip out of catch, bend gently back just enough to get them in and refasten.Crafted from red brass also known as Nu Gold for its remarkable resemblance to Gold.NOTE: please allow 3 business days fro completion of your pair.To return to our shop:http://www./shop/Mocahete, tribal hoop earrings

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