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Pillow-cut aquamarine stones are framed in waves of sterling silver, with sparkling green sapphires dangling below and keshi pearls inbetween and little apatite stones on top.These beauties are 3/4 inches across and almost 3 inches long on sterling silver French earwires, the aquamarines vary slightly in tone and my remaining sapphires are a bit longer than those in the photos!\ud83d\udc8e\ud83d\udd2e\ud83d\udc8eGemstone Lore\ud83e\udd8bSapphires will reveal the truth, and allow you to express yourself persuasively. They are said to be powerful stones for protection and will attract abundance without compromising your true values.\ud83c\udf0aAquamarine is said to be attuned to the sea, protecting sailors & travelers on water and bringing good luck. It is known to bring great power, courage and strength, hope and inner peace, dispelling anger and fear. It can sharpen the intellect and shield the aura, facilitating communication.\ud83d\udc1a Pearls embody all the highest feminine energies, including love, integrity, faith and loyalty, connecting you to the Goddess within.\ud83d\udc2cApatite is said to increase intellect, imagination and intuitive awareness. It can help you to maintain focus, learn, think clearly and communicate effectively., keshi pearls

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