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cat ring, Blue Glass Cat Eye Eyeball Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring - Optional Oxidation/Antiquing - Made to Order and Ships Fast!



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This ring is uniquely hand-crafted with 21 gauge sterling silver square wire, and a 12mm Glass Cat Eye cabochon, hand-painted and sealed from the bottom. This is not paper glued to glass,\u00a0so you can feel confident wearing it 24/7, with no water damage or color fading\u00a0over time. Photo is enlarged to show detail. I make this ring to order.\u00a0The ring pictured is a representation of what you will receive.Oxidation is now an option! If you would like your ring oxidized for an antique look, choose the option from the "Wrap Style" menu.Wire Wrap Style Options:Regular Wrap (no wrapped band): Regular 21 gauge wire as shown in the first photo.Regular Wrap w/Wrapped Band: Regular 21 gauge wire with an 18 gauge wire wrapped band.Heavy Wrap w/Wrapped Band: Heavier 20 gauge wire with an 18 gauge wire wrapped band., wire wrapped ring

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