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sleeping beauty, All the Roses on the Vine Necklace - Sterling Silver and Turquoise Rose Vine



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Granted baby-raising has made me slow, but this piece has been months in the making! I started with the carved turquoise roses and always knew they belonged on a vine but they sat for a long while. I finally started working on the silver roses to complement them: hand-piercing each of the petals and sculpting them into organic form, fabricating all of the pieces together and crafting leaves to go with them. THey finally all come together arranged on a thick sterling strand. The bib is about 10" wide and is extended on either side with sterling silver chain for an overall adjustable length of 18-20" long, closing with a lobster clasp. As always, I am happy to adjust the length as required. NOTE: non-stabilized turquoise with this color would be, to my understanding, prohibitively expensive. I've checked that these are, indeed, genuine stone and not dyed, but I can almost guarantee it has been stabilized (else I'd have had to pay hundreds for them, I'm sure)., wedding jewelry

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