Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, Custom Winter Choker 1.5 inch wide necklace (38 - 40 mm width) christmas holiday santa claus snowflakes stars satin grosgrain 1-1/2 inches



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Custom-made-to-order, with the options you select/specify when purchasing.* Hardware Color will be Silver Tone unless you specify otherwise. (options below)~ Please view the full description to ensure the best purchasing experience. ~Christmas or Winter themed Choker* Width: 1.5 inches (38 - 40 mm)* Lobster Clasp: 12 x 6 mm* Chain End: Eyelet Tag (chain tab)* Material Notations on sample photos...[SS]: Single-faced Satin[G]: Grosgrain[P]: 100% Polyester* Hardware Color Options:- Silver Tone [default]- Gold Tone- Gunmetal- Antique Brass/Bronze- Antique Copper Please enter your Hardware Color choice in the "Add your personalization" text box. *** PLEASE NOTE: This is a new/test feature on the Etsy site, and may not appear on all devices or at all times. If it's not available, simply use the standard note/message to seller text box normally found during checkout.*** See all my CHRISTMAS themed items...https://www./shop/ImagizeYourWorld/items?search_query=christmas*** See all my WINTER themed items (more are coming -- or coming back -- soon!)...https://www./shop/ImagizeYourWorld/items?search_query=winter*** See all my CHOKER options (Velvet, Lace, Satin, etc.)...https://www./shop/ImagizeYourWorld/items?search_query=choker*** See all my 1.5-inch Choker colors and styles...https://www./shop/ImagizeYourWorld/items?search_query=38mm+choker*** See all my RED items...https://www./shop/ImagizeYourWorld/items?search_query=red*** See all my GREEN items...https://www./shop/ImagizeYourWorld/items?search_query=green~ MORE INFO ~* To ensure the best fit, your length range should start shorter than your neck circumference.* To specify the Hardware Color (options above), please add a note in the "Add your personalization" text box (if it's available); if that text box is not available, please add a standard note to seller during checkout.* Chain: medium gauge Brass; open links; for light to medium weight jewelry.* Larger Clasps, Magnetic Clasps, more Chain Options and custom Length Ranges are available via a Custom listing; prices vary.* The clasp and chain will be attached with SPLIT RINGS, for a better hold than traditional jump rings provide. (Split Rings work like tiny key rings).* Ribbon color and material are quoted from the manufacturer when available.* Exact look of components may vary between colors, sizes and lots.* Price may vary based on the options you select.US orders incur no additional shipping charges for additional Jewelry items!All MEASUREMENTS are APPROXIMATE.Please contact me if you have any questions, or special requests.~ Thank you for shopping Handmade in the U.S.A.! ~, blue

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