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religious, DAMBALLAH RING - Voodoo Vodou Loa Lwa Veve in 925 Sterling Silver - Made To Order in Your Size



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Beautifully and intricately detailed, this Black Water Siren Studio exclusive represents the Damballah vodou veve. The veve is hand carved, then cast in solid sterling silver. A ring band is securely soldered on in your requested size, oxidized to bring out the detail, and polished to a high shine. Durable and hefty, this is an enduring piece of art that will stand the test of time and become a family heirloom for generations.Veve itself is about 3/4\u2033 wide by 1-1/8\u2033 tall. A little over 1/16\u2033 or 2mm thick. Damballah, the Eastern Light (Sun), is the Creator of the universe. The sign of Damballah, also known as Papa Damballah, is the twin serpent. Damballah is \u201cThe Great Master\u201d, the creator of the cosmos. Damballah is one of the most important of all the Loa. Damballa is the Sky Father and the primordial creator of all life. He rules the mind, intellect, and cosmic equilibrium. Damballah, as the serpent spirit and \u201cThe Great Master\u201d, created the cosmos by using his 7,000 coils to form the stars and the planets in the heavens and to shape the hills and valleys on earth. By shedding the serpent skin, Damballa created all the waters on the earth.Damballah, the patriarchal serpent divinity, is an ancient water spirit associated with rain, wisdom, and fertility. Damballah is usually entwined with his wife Ayida Wedo, the rainbow. Damballah is often represented as St. Patrick (who mastered the serpents of Ireland), and sometimes as the patriarchal Moses holding the Ten Commandments. In many temples, a permanent basin of water is maintained for the Loa. Many representations include Damballah\u2019s main sacrificial food\u2014an egg, the symbol of fertility and life.Catholic counterpart: St. Patrick (who drove the snakes out of Ireland). Sometimes also associated with Moses, whose staff transformed into a snake to prove the power of God over that wielded by Egyptian priests.Holiday: March 17 (St. Patrick's Day)Offerings: An egg on a mound of flour, corn syrup, chickens, other white objects such as white flowers.Color: WhiteThe Black Water Siren Studio rendering of this veve symbol is exclusively our own copyrighted design. Any imitation of our design shown here that is seen or sold elsewhere other than through Black Water Siren Studio is counterfeit, a violation of copyright law, and should be reported., religious

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