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antique jewelry, Antique Iris Brooch/Yellow Gold Plate and 4 Seed Pearls/1 Inch high x 3/4 Inch wide/Safety Catch on Pin/Watch Fob Option



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Fleur de Lis (Iris) Brooch to Hold a Watch,4 seed pearls in the petals and beaded detail around edges,1 inch high x 3/4 inch wide,safety catch on pin.This antique brooch is in good condition. It has been in a jewelry box in our family for at least 100 years. It looks very French, but I don't know where it was made and there is no marking to indicate the gold content. It was made to hold a watch. It is a charming piece.For more click: http://www./shop/JanetRambleArt?ref=si_shop, seed pearls

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