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Vintage Sterling Charm Bracelet with I Love New York State Travel Souvenir Charmssterling, 11 Charmssterling, 5 Enameledsterling, NY Citysterling, Niagara Falls Keepsakes



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Vintage Sterling Charm Bracelet with I Love New York State Travel Souvenir Charms, 11 Charms, 5 Enameled, NY City, Niagara Falls Keepsakes This is a Fabulous Souvenir Charm Bracelet of New York State.. I Love New York, Celebrate the Empire State and All Her Fabulous Tourists Spots Including Two of the Most Popular, New York City and Niagara Falls; One of the World's Wonders! I am Native to New York and Have Visited all These Amazing Spots in this Fantastic Bracelet Throughout my Lifetime!There are 11 Charms on the Lovely Bracelet. 9 of the Charms are Sterling, 5 of the Charms Have Enameling and 2 are Base Metal in Silvertone.From the Top:1) New York City, Empire State Building Spinner Charm with Blue Enameling, Sterling2) Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Our Lady is Tall and Slender, I Love this Rendering, Sterling 3) Smaller Round Disc, Ausable Chasm, Sterling. The Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks4) Enameled Farmer's Museum, Cooperstown, Enameled, Silvertone. The Museum Recreates Life in the 19th Century with Interaction and Exhibits.5) Sailboat with Lake George Flag, Sterling. Lake George is a Town and Lake in the Adirondacks. With Forest, Fort William Henry Museum, Restored British fort and Million Dollar Beach.6 ) Cloisonne Hard Enamel Letchworth Park, Silvertone. Large State Park Spanning over 14000 Acres with Genesee River, Gorge and Falls7) Round Disc Enameled Rock City Park, Olean, Sterling. Gorgeous Scenic Park with Huge Rock Formations8) Cannon, Old Fort Niagara, Sterling. Historic Fort in Youngstown, Dating to 1726, Used in War of 1812 and still Houses Reenactments9) Enameled Niagara Falls, Sterling, Wells. City with Natural Wonder with 3 Falls; the American Falls, Bridal Falls and Horseshoe Falls, Bordering Canada.10) Horse and Carriage, Niagara Falls Tourist Attraction, Sterling. 11) Enameled Travel Shield with Old Fort NiagaraA Super Fun Charm Bracelet Memento for the Traveler and New York State Lover! Will be a Great Gift!Condition: Excellent, Minimal Wear, Some PatinaMeasurements: Charm Bracelet is 7-1/2" in Length by 3/8" Width of Links, The Largest Charm Letchworth is 7/8" and Smallest Charm Ausable is 3/8", new york state

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