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backpack purse, Flaps for Convertible Backpacks - Change the flaps instead of buying an entirely new bag - Crossbody Bag - Black Beauty Fabric



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NOTE: This listing is for the the flap not the Borsa Bella Convertible Backpack.These fun colorful flaps come in over 50 different fabrics and work exclusively with my Convertible Backpack. Please see the link below to learn more about Borsa Bella's Convertible Backpacks that can turn into a shoulder bag, cross body bag or backpack by simply adjusting the straps.Just remove the flap which is attached with Velcro and reattach with a new flap to change up any outfit in less then a 15 seconds. Why buy a new bag when you can just change up the flap?SHIPPING:Fast\u2026most orders go out within 1-3 business days of your order from my home studio in Washington State. Thank you for looking!\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263cTo learn more about Borsa Bella's Convertible Backpacks by Borsa Bella\u00ae follow this link: https://www./shop/BorsaBella/search?search_query=backpack&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_search\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263c\u263cJoin me on my Facebook for weekly give-a-ways\u2026^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Borsa Bella\u00ae is a Registered Trademark\u2026All right reserved. All product designs, shop design, content & images can not be copied without my written permission.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, borsa bella

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