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Handcrafted wood money clip in purpleheart and tulipwoodsize: 1 5/8" x 3/4" on a stainless steel base I also have a larger sized money clip available in my store that is 2" x 1"Purpleheart- (South America) Striking shade of purple when cut, darkens to brownish purple with age. Tulipwood- (Brazil) I individually handcraft all my hair barrettes using only premium materials - the highest quality made in France hair clips (much stronger and more durable than the cheaper flimsy counterparts) and the finest rare exotic and figured domestic hardwoods in the world! With a wide range of available sizes, there are wooden hair clips and wood barrettes here to fit the needs of all hair types. For children's hair or fine hair, for holding back only section of your hair, or for lots and lots of extra-thick hair, there's sure to be a barrette and hair clip style here for everyone! Also, check out the new self-adjusting ponytail style hair clips that will hold all your hair in a ponytail with out flattening it at all! Barrette clips vary quite a bit in quality. I use only the highest quality French Barrette Clips on all my barrettes. They have proven themselves over time to be the best available.Blue Heron Jewelry and woodwork studios is a marriage of my two loves - sticks and stones (i.e. figured domestic and exotic hardwoods and fine gemstones). I began my jewelry career creating unique wood jewelry boxes, jeweled hair sticks, combs and barrettes. Soon, customers began asking for matching and coordinating jewelry designs and the jewelry end of the business was born. I have over 20 years experience in the fields of woodworking and jewelry design. My work has been featured in local and national print, movie and Television media and is private collections world wide., money clip

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