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handbag, One-of-a-Kind Market Line Bag in print Caged Butterfly



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This is a One-of-a-Kind Market Line bag, size Market Bag with sharp angles in print Caged Butterfly. No other bag will be made in this print.If you love butterflies or unusual prints, this bag is for you. This is the only bag made in this print. The copper liner compliments the subdued tones in the print. This bag has metal feet, magnetic snap closure, matching straps and a polyester bridal satin liner with three slip pockets along the back side.The Market Line bags were originally designed around a paper grocery sack. They will fold up like a paper sack and stand up like one too. But that's where the similarity ends. The Market Line Bags are eye-catching, stylish and versatile. You can use them as a purse, a carry-on travel bag, a special bag for work papers or for local shopping around town. They are lightweight yet strong. Weight bearing seams are double-sewn and will easily carry several bricks. Take care of them and they will last for years and years. It's unlikely you will find another bag as sturdy or as versatile as this one.The bags are made by hand bonding a cotton print to heavy cotton canvas. Because of the glues used in this bag, DRY CLEAN ONLY.It will stand up to wear and tear and easily carry 20+ pounds.DIMENSIONS MARKET BAGApproximate Dimensions:Height: 14.25" tallWidth: 12.5" (bottom)Width: 13.75" (top)Depth: 7"Straps: 29"DRY CLEAN ONLY, tote

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