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ss hoop earrings, Small Silver Sleeper Hoops Argentium Sterling Hoop * Simple Catchless Classic Earrings * Half Inch 24 Hour Wear * Everyday Standard



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These are made from argentium silver the most tarnish resistant sterling available and are 1/2 half of an inch is diameter. The shot is a closeup on a mannequin that is smaller than a person, therefore looks a bit larger. Pull the silver tear toward you and push the other end away from you, insert and push to close. Simple and perfect for sports, sleeping and everyday wear. The pair pictured are made from 18g wire which is slightly larger than 20g which is the standard earrings size. If you have new or tight piercings please choose 20g from the drop down box. Should you desire a larger or smaller hoop, simply convo.Thanks for stopping by and please visit again., unisex

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