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ID holder wristlet pouch - arrows on blackLet's face it, there are times when we are going to run a quick errand, and having to lug a big bag (full of a whole lot of nothing needed for a quick errand!) is not really necessary, so the Grab and Go is just the perfect and handy size to hold your ID, drivers license and some cash!\u25b2 Pouch: 5" wide x 4" tallSlip Pocket: 2 3/4" tallDetachable wrist strap: 7"long (including clasp) x 1/2" wide\u25b2 This pouch is made from an arrows print fabric. The pouch features a fabric slip pocket with a hook and loop closure, nylon coil zipper, layers of interfacing for sturdiness, as well as double stitching thru out, for durability. The detachable wrist strap can be easily turned into a stand alone key fob.\u25b2 MONEY/CARDS/KEYS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE \u25b2( these are just "props" used to show items in use - Julia )------------------------------------------------------\u25b2 SHOP ENTIRE STORE:https://www./shop/simbiosisbyjulia\u25b2 GRAB N GO ID POUCHES:https://www./shop/simbiosisbyjulia?section_id=25107675\u25b2 KINDLE PAPERWHITE CASES:https://www./shop/simbiosisbyjulia?section_id=28041350\u25b2 LANYARDS & KEY FOBS:https://www./shop/simbiosisbyjulia?section_id=19487467\u25b2 MAKEUP & COSMETIC BAGS:https://www./shop/simbiosisbyjulia?section_id=18058212\u25b2 PEN & PENCIL POUCHES:https://www./shop/simbiosisbyjulia?section_id=18564534\u25b2 MODERN PRINT ZIPPER POUCHES:https://www./shop/simbiosisbyjulia?section_id=18061847\u25b2 CUTE PRINT ZIPPER POUCHES:https://www./shop/simbiosisbyjulia?section_id=15162655---------------For sneak peaks of up-coming items, follow us on IG: @simbiosisbyjuliaShop updates via FB:, id pouch

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