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Skulls Tissue Case Pocket Size Tissue Holder Red\r\rThis item holds the small pocket/purse size tissues. May not be available if you live outside of the US. Any questions please ask.\r\rThese skulls look very robatic to me. Perfect to send with your little guy in his backpack. \r \rTissue holders would make great party favors, teachers gift, shower favors, stocking stuffers, gifts for new moms, mother of the bride or give to a child starting school to keep in their backpack. \r\rNeed more than one contact me for a custom listing.\r\rFabric placement may vary.\r\rTissues not included.\r\rDescription:\rAll sizes are approximate\rSize: 5" W X 3.5" H when empty\r \rOutside Fabric: This is a red cotton that has skulls all over it. They are outlined in an orange and look very robatic to me. Trimmed in black bias tape.\r\rLining: The lining is made from a black cotton. \r\rColors: Red, black, grey and orange\r\rSee all of my pocket tissue holders here:\rhttps://www./shop/CreativeJenV?section_id=5236441\r\rSee all of my handmade items here:\rhttp://www./shop/CreativeJenV?ref=si_shop, party favor

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