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tourquise, Butterfly Pavilion Quilted Tote Bag



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This is a very striking large Quilted Tote Bag! Glorious Butterflies on both sides make it a joy to look at!The fabric is printed like a Batik with the mottled colors in the background.There are very small and very large butterflies in every color imaginable! The lining is a Secret Garden Print with Golden Birds and flowers in rows. There are two full-width pockets inside, with 6 divisions. The two center ones are for smaller items and shut with Velcro so they won't fall out.It is 17 wide by 14.5" tall by 6" deep.Handles are 31" long and made with a coordinating Teal fabric.The bag is washable with care, and instructions come with your purchase.It was handmade in the USA., tourquise

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