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zippered bag, Licorice Fizz Crossbody Bag



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This bags fabric has a mezmerizing array of blacks, charcoal, gray, and white Paisley shapes in all different sizes.It is called Licorice Fizz and is an Art Deco style print.The colors go with almost any outfit and go from summer to fall to winter too.It is a Crossbody bag that has been quilted with heavy variegated quilting thread, prior to sewing.It has a full width zippered pocket on the front with black and gray trim.The bottom of the bag and strap is also of that same black and gray Batik.The back of the bag has a large slip pocket, shut with Velcro. That pocket is 10" wide by 5.5" tall. It is lined and faced with the black Batik.The top of the bag is shut with a black nylon zipper, the same as the front pocket.Inside is a bright red oriental print with golden tinged threads and dragonflies.The inside has 1 full width pocket divided into two, and one large slip pocket, also with Velcro closing it.The size is 13" wide at the top by 10" tall by 5.25" deep.The handle is an adjustable one to about 60" long. It was handmade in the USA.It is washable with care and comes with instructions with the purchase., pockets

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