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vine jewelry, Fusion Tree Brooch No.3



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Lots of fused silver for leaves, a bit for a trunk, some oxidation for a hint of color, and there you are! This artistic little tree has been oxidized for a hint of color, and adds just the right touch to blazer or sweater. \r\rThe Fusion Tree Brooch is 1-1\\/2" (3.6cm) long, and 1-3\\/4" (4.5cm) wide, and has a standard 3-part pin on the back,\r\rShipping in the US is first class with insurance.\r\rShipping outside of the US (including Canada and Mexico) is first class, and cannot be guaranteed or insured. Please be aware that if you purchase from outside the US, I will make every effort to pack your item well, but cannot be held responsible for accidents that occur during shipping, and you are accepting full risk for the shipment of your item., vine jewelry

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