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Tiny freshwater pearls float along wires woven to make this bold shield earring. May they protect you and remind you that boundaries are not hard walls but rather choices woven from your experiences and preferences. Those boundaries serve a purpose and keep you emotionally strong. These earrings carry the gift of inner knowing, the reminder of your fortitude and ability to not only survive hard things but also to turn them into the beautiful person you are.Pearls remind you of your grit. You get to determine what all your experiences mean and how they shape you. Pearls remind you of your wisdom and all you have learned by what you've been through. Let pearls remind you of your perseverance and willingness to create beauty even from challenges.These tiny iridescent pearls are very dark, almost black with a deep blue shimmer. There are occasional flashes of purple and deep green as well as gunmetal grey.The overall length from the top of the hoop to the bottom of the shield is a hair over 3.75". These earrings are crafted from sterling silver and latch with a simple hook.Jewelry adorns the vessel you were blessed with. How someone wears jewelry gives them creative expression that shows more of who they are on the inside. Jewelry can be the detail that completes an outfit, the handmade expression of your artsy side, as well as the layers and contrasts that give voice to that part of you that doesn\u2019t speak in words. For that reason, jewelry makes great gifts. It expresses that you see someone in this unique piece and shows how much you think of them and how you see them. Jewelry can mark a point in time, like a special gift for a birthday, wedding, graduation or promotion. It can make someone feel special, giving them that splurge on their birthday, Mother\u2019s Day or other celebration to remind them they are worth it, loved, seen and appreciated. Jewelry acts as a talisman and can instantly transform a mood, making you feel brave, strong, pretty, beautiful, complete, creative or expressive. Many of my jewelry creations incorporate gemstones and carry those vibrations with you, helping you be more the person you want to be. Have fun expressing yourself and sharing the love.My hope is that these earrings bring brightness to your life and empower you to experience the magick all around. Let them bring you joy and gift you connection to the realms of possibility, spirituality and wonder of being alive. If this becomes a way you pause and connect more deeply with yourself and the magical being you are, well\u2026 I couldn\u2019t ask for more. That fills my very heart and soul.Stay curious and remember to be kind, especially to yourself.Ships USPSMade in the U.S.A.Taming the Tangle is based in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California. Kat\u2019s passion is to ignite a spark to help people come alive and write the story they want to live. She\u2019s a freedompreneur and knows from her own life that empowerment comes from making and owning choices and switching it up whenever you don\u2019t feel the way you want to be feeling. You have the power to change and transform. She designs tools that unleash magic to empower people to release their limiting beliefs, face their fears and make bold choices that awaken courage and a zest for living. She wants her pieces to be modern, accessible and useful (and sometimes just straight up fun!) so they incorporate into your world and lifestyle. She believes that creative expression is the first step on the road to freedom, so your home and your life should be a wild canvas that only you can paint. She hopes her creations give you freedom and permission to explore all the possibilities.For more tools to help with Taming the Tangle of life to unleash the magic, follow Kat @taming_the_tangle on Instagram and read more in-depth posts on her blog at where you can also join her newsletter community dedicated to clearing the path to freedom.Give a shout if you have any questions at all!, modern pearl jewelry

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