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antique silver plate, Spoon Jewelry Earrings 1937 FIRST LOVE Vintage Silver Spoon Earrings - Silverware Jewelry



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This pair of earrings is hand crafted using 1847 Rogers vintage silver plate pattern "FIRST LOVE" used Teaspoon handles. This pattern was first introduced in 1937. The dangle of the earrings measures approx. 1 3/8" long. Please be aware that theses are earrings will be heavy to wear. Because each pair of earrings is hand crafted they may vary slightly from the picture.All of my spoon jewelry creations are made with authentic Silver plated teaspoons. Due to the age and authenticity some of the spoons may have slight imperfections which adds to the charm. These are fun earrings to wear for any occasion and make a great unique one of a kind gift or spoil yourself!!, recycle earrings

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