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leaf, Spiritual Necklace Recycled Shattered Windshield Glass 24k gold leaf. One-of-A-Kind Talisman



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Handcrafted spirit necklace and pendant featuring recycled, shattered, windshield glass, 24k gold leaf, fused in hand-poured resin and encased in a custom round bezel. Each piece of shattered glass is unique making each necklace a one-of-a-kind. Necklace Meaning: Growth & RenewalWhat is life without risk? What is fire without the wind? Who are we without passion, desire, dreams and love? This symbol resembles a leaf, or a flower petal to inspire continuous growth.Learn more about more about this necklace below.Chain: 32 inches long, brass, lobster clasp, adjustablePendant: 1.25 inches longMaterials: Brass, recycled windshield glass, 24k gold leafMeaning: Growth (see extending meaning below)Gender: Him, Her, Them - UnisexAll purchases come with a branded, wooden jewelry box and cotton muslin bag. Note From The Designer:\u201cAll of my designs have a meaning and a story. This collection is a two-part series, originally released in 2019 and inspired by the German word zeitgeist, which means spirit of the times. Given the current global situation, I felt it was fitting to re-release the remaining pieces in the collection here on Etsy.\u201d Design Story: Geist (Spirit) Collection My car was vandalized, the windshield shattered into a thousand pieces and the glass was beautiful. Sometimes life shatters or even breaks us. Geist Collection necklaces are a reminder to scoop up your broken pieces and love the new shape of your spirit. a shattered spirit made whole in a new and glorious way. We all have cracks, chips and dents and that's what makes us beautiful. Each design in the collection has a name, spirit and a meaning, green

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