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Adjustable Ceramic Ringflower ring, Bold Blossomflower ring, READY to SHIP



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Make a statement with a little bit of wearable art. Ring is adjustable and made of silver plated brass.ONE OF A KINDEach piece is handcrafted to create a one-of-a-kind piece. When working with natural materials, it is impossible to duplicate exact color variation and patina.Our pictures represent a close color palette of the glazed tiles and stones and the typical shape and size variations. The jewelry piece you receive will be a unique, one-of-a-kind piece, but will not be an exact duplication of the photograph. READY to SHIP - one of a kindItem you receive will be very similar to the item photographed but may vary slightly in coloration and design.SIZE1" square approximately*SEE MORESee more Jewelry ...https://www./shop/romyandclare?section_id=6110418See Belt Buckles and Belts....https://www./shop/romyandclare?section_id=21327477Have a peek at our Clay Tile Mosaic Wall Art...https://www./shop/romyandclare?section_id=5392255See more one of a kind Ready to Ship items....https://www./shop/romyandclare?search_query=readyCONNECT WITH USReturn to our Pottery shop.../shop/romyandclareSubscribe to our Newsletter... us here, ceramic ring

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