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pouch, Pink And Green Charming Patchwork Zip Pouch Mini Makeup Bag Purse 16cm x 12cm Zip 100% Cotton Hand Quilted Embroidered



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Pink And Green Charming Patchwork Zip Pouch Patchwork pieced together and hand quilted on one side with a cotton backing, cotton lining and cotton wadding. I hate throwing pretty things away, I collect up all the bits and bobs that are leftover from bigger projects and keep them to use on smaller and smaller projects.These pouches are made entirely from scraps and offcuts of cotton and cotton wadding usually destined for the bin, lovingly pieced together and hand quilted or embroidered to make small panels which I then make into a unique zipped pouch. I also love using zips from old garments and odd colours, lengths and leftovers to create beautiful useful things so all the pieces used are having a second life as a useful accessory.Could be used as a coin purse, cardholder, sanitary product pouch or handbag mini makeup bag.16cm x 12cmNylon Zip and Zip charm100% Cotton Hand Quilted Machine Sewn, charm

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