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Bring a little happiness into your life when you wear this stunning floral fused glass pendant necklace! This handmade glass art pendant measures about 1 1/4 inch wide by 1 1/2 inch high, it has a brushed silver bail and a leather necklace. The three leaves and flower are glass millefiori accents. This is a one of a kind art glass pendant and like all of my glass pendants, was made by me using my own handmade glass and glass art techniques. The necklace is an 18 inch long black leather cord that has a lobster clasp.The fused glass pendant was made by me, and annealed for strength and durability in my digitally controlled glass kiln.Made in my glass art studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.What is Millefiori glass?(Italian: \u201cthousand flowers\u201d), type of mosaic glassware characterized by a flowerlike pattern. It is produced by first heating a bundle of thin glass rods of different colours until the rods fuse together. The bundle is pulled thin, cooled, and sliced cross-sectionally to produce small disks with flowerlike designs. These disks are applied to hot blown glassware such as a vase or bowl, which is then reheated and blown a second time. The resulting product is a brilliantly coloured piece of glassware with an intricate, fade-resistant ornamental design. The technique of millefiori glassmaking was invented by the ancient Egyptians and known to be used by Alexandrian craftsmen in the 2nd century bc. It was then developed by the Romans in the 1st century bc and revived and refined by Venetian glassmakers in the 15th century. Since the mid-19th century, the technique has been used to make paperweights, beads, and gaming marbles., flower

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