Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters



The use of terrariums in colonising new planets is now well established, having achieved a great deal of publicity and success with the first settlements on Mars in the late 21st century. Setting up large habitat domes was a massive undertaking, and hugely expensive, so the idea of getting some vegetation started well before these were even designed seemed like an excellent way to make some early progress. Soon after the initial reconnaissance teams returned to Earth with their survey reports, thousands of domes were launched, ranging in size from the very small, housing grasses, mosses and some potted colour to liven up the fairly monochrome surroundings, to large cloches capable of containing trees. Programmed to land in specific locations, based on layouts from award-winning garden designers on Earth, the biodomes automatically released a small cache of water upon landing, and over time their bases decomposed, allowing the flora to extend their root systems into the Martian soil. Many of the initial settlers noted that arriving to their new home with a ready made garden made the transition from Earth far easier than it would otherwise have been.Pendant, approximately 38 x 24 x 3mm and weighing 8g., tree

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